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Buy turkey for Thanksgiving soon. Time is running short to pre-order Thanksgiving turkey. 

Ordering turkey dinner online is now as easy as 1-2-3. 

Just click on any of the images on this page that strike your fancy and the rest is easy.

 May your turkey be tasty
May your turkey be plump,
May your potatoes and gravy
Have nary a lump.
May your stuffing be delicious
And your desserts take the prize,
And may your Thanksgiving dinner
Stay off your thighs!

When you buy turkey for your family or send a turkey for Thanksgiving as a gift, you can choose from:

 Chardonnay herb smoked turkey
Pepper coated smoked turkey
Hickory smoke smokehouse turkey
Fresh cracked pepper
Delicious peppered turkey breast
Smoked turkey tenderloin
Maple smoked whole turkey
Honey-glazed turkey
Smoked boneless turkey
Smoked lemon pepper boneless

 Order Thanksgiving Turkey for a Family

Organic Turkey.  Buy turkey for Thanksgiving this holiday season and impress your guests with a Thanksgiving meal that has a distinctively rich flavor with tender, juicy turkey meat. 

Naturally delicious whole turkey, these free range USDA certified organic turkeys have great flavor with 25% less fat than commercially-raised birds. They are fed pure spring water and healthy organic grains. 

buy turkey
No protein supplements.  No added poultry or fish by-products.  No pesticides or herbicides. No antibiotics. No growth hormones and no artificial light are permitted at any time. D'Artagnan turkey.

Frozen turkeys sized at 14-16 lbs., and other sizes.  Click her to place your order.

Order Thanksgiving Turkey Online

Juicy oven-ready whole turkey basted in a savory honey brown sugar blend for a delicate sweet flavor.

Includes a cooking bag and meat thermometer that pops up when your bird is done so you'll know it's absolutely perfect!

It also makes a beautiful gift! 

Click here to order.

send a turkey for thanksgiving

Send a Turkey Dinner Surprise

Enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving dinner without all the fuss.

This Thanksgiving feast features all the classics including a 2 lb. Oven Roasted Turkey Breast, Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Whipped Sweet Potatoes and Green Bean Casserole-- all ready to heat and serve.

It's that easy!  Click here to place your order!

 Buy Turkey Breast

Buy turkey breast  this Thanksgiving and keep your guests and family happy with enough tender, juicy white meat for everyone. 

Delightfully moist with superb flavor and 25% less fat than standard, commercially-raised turkeys.

Certified Organic Bone In Turkey Breast available in 2 lb. size increments starting at 4-6 lbs., and ranging to 8-10 lbs. 

Pre-order your Thanksgiving turkey early.

buy turkey breast

Convenient for small gatherings or as a supplement to a whole turkey for a large family that likes white meat.  
Click here to place your order.

Order Smoked Turkey for Someone

Wondering where to buy smoked turkey this Thanksgiving holiday season?  Buy it right here, of course. 

Hickory smoked. Flavorful and tender whole turkey.

Specially cooked for a delicate taste. 

Slowly smoked over fragrant hardwood hickory in small batches. 

This cooking technique results in exceptional keeping qualities.

A perfect no-fuss way to add great taste to any gathering.

buy smoked turkey

Ready to serve hot or cold. 10 lb. avg.  Makes an excellent surprise Thanksgiving gift for someone.  Click here to place your order.

Send a Turkey for Thanksgiving

Turkey's not just for Thanksgiving! 

Now have that sumptuous turkey dinner anytime, without the preparation and mess.

Photo taken with extra vegetables added. 

Apple and Sage Stuffing are both
sold separately.

thanksgiving meal online

The highest quality free-range turkey. Lightly seasoned, roasted and then served in a mellow gravy. What a meal! Click her to place your order.


Order a Thanksgiving Turkey Feast

The centerpiece of this Turkey Dinner is a 2.3 pound roasted turkey breast. 

The meal includes mashed potatoes, turkey gravy, apple sage stuffing, green beans with mushroom cream sauce. 

Dessert is a family size Raspberry Rhubarb Pie.
traditional thanksgiving meals

Enjoy home cooked meals delivered to the destination of your choice this Thanksgiving holiday season. Click here to place your order.

Thanksgiving Gifts at Chocolate.com

Order Turkey Dinner Music 

 Honey Roasted Turkey

Surprise them with this Honey Roasted Turkey

Rubbed with honey, sorghum, and brown sugar just before cooking.

This cooked turkey is then honey roasted using our special method that permeates the meat deeper than any other method to keep the meat moist and tender.

Golden turkeys are promptly removed from the oven and quickly frozen to lock in all the flavor.

where to buy thanksgiving turkey
Simply heat and serve to enjoy! Click here to place your order soon because time is running short to pre-order Thanksgiving turkey. 

Send a Thanksgiving Dinner

Order Turkey for Thanksgiving 

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