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Thanksgiving Chef 

A Native American Chef's Thanksgiving, NPR Weekend Edition, November 20, 2004.  "NPR's Scott Simon talks with Earl Mills Sr., Chief Flying Eagle of the Mashpee Wampanoags and author of the Cape Cod Wampanoag Cookbook. The Wampanoags broke bread with the Pilgrims at the first Thanksgiving in 1621, on Plymouth Plantation. Mills talks about what was eaten at that meal."  Listen to this NPR story by Scott Simon.

Specialists: Eat Healthy Without Spending A Fortune, NPR Tell Me More, November 24, 2008.  "Tough financial times have many American's scaling back their budgets. It's tempting to pass on healthy eating because of cost but Money coach Alvin Hall, chef George Stella and Dr. Rovenia Brock, a nutritionist share tips on stocking a healthy pantry on minimal dollars."  Listen to this NPR story by Korva Coleman.

Bob Edwards' Thanksgiving Fantasy Feast featuring celebrity chefs Julia Child, Maida Heatter, Paul Prudhomme and Wolfgang Puck, NPR Morning Edition, November 27, 2003.  "Every Thanksgiving since 1993, through the miracle of audio editing, Morning Edition host Bob Edwards brings together the creme de la creme of cookery for a fantasy holiday feast. This year's celebrity chef potluck features Julia Child, Maida Heatter, Paul Prudhomme and Wolfgang Puck -- and one would-be party crasher." 

•   Check out Julia Child's Mashed Potatoes recipe and
•   Wolfgang Puck's Smoked Salmon with Caviar on a Crisp Potato Galette

Listen to this NPR story by Bob Edwards.

Famous Chef Shares Thanksgiving Holiday Fare, NPR Tell Me More, November 26, 2008.  "Famous Chef Daniel Young shares his Thanksgiving menu. The Denver-based culinary artist tells if he's excited about being on the short-list of candidates to be considered as President-elect Obama's executive chef in the White House."  Listen to this NPR story by Korva Coleman.

Chef Giada De Laurentiis Shares Thanksgiving Favorites, National Public Radio, November 25, 2008.  "Farai Chideya talked with famed TV chef Giada De Laurentiis, host of Food Network's Everyday Italian and Giada at Home about some of her favorite Thanksgiving recipes and how she manages her busy career. De Laurentiis' newest cookbook is titled Giada's Kitchen: New Italian Favorites."  Watch and listen to this NPR story by Farai Chideya.

A Low-Carb Thanksgiving Feast
.  NPR Morning Edition, November 27, 2003.  "The ultimate fantasy Thanksgiving is more like a nightmare for those struggling with a low-carbohydrate diet. On Morning Edition, Renee Schettler, assistant food editor for The Washington Post, offers advice on how to make it through the holiday with your low-carb goals intact."  Listen to this NPR story by Renee Schettler.

Wild Things Thanksgiving, NPR Kitchen Window, November 16, 2005.  Bonny Wolf is a regular contributor to Kitchen Window and to NPR's Weekend Edition Sunday. She has published Talking With My Mouth Full – Crab Cakes, Bundt Cakes and other Kitchen Stories,” a book of food essays.  Read her article on cooking up a wild Thanksgiving and discover her NPR recipes for:

•   Wild Mushroom Soup
•   Wild Rice Stuffing


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Native American Food Recipes   

Thanksgiving Menus Reflecting Native-American Tribal Culinary Traditions, NPR Morning Edition, November 27, 2008.  "Though historians aren't entirely sure what was served at the first Thanksgiving meal, the chefs at the National Museum of the American Indian have developed a menu reflecting various tribal culinary traditions."  Listen to this NPR story by Neda Ulaby.

A Native American Chef's Thanksgiving, NPR Weekend Edition, November 20, 2004.  "NPR's Scott Simon talks with Earl Mills Sr., Chief Flying Eagle of the Mashpee Wampanoags and author of the Cape Cod Wampanoag Cookbook. The Wampanoags broke bread with the Pilgrims at the first Thanksgiving in 1621, on Plymouth Plantation. Mills talks about what was eaten at that meal."  Listen to this NPR story by Scott Simon.

Thanksgiving Spice

The Spices That Make Thanksgiving Smell So Good, NPR All Things Considered, November 27, 2003.  "NPR's Michele Norris has a Thanksgiving chat with Tom and Patty Erd, the owners of Spice House, a Chicago-area specialty store that not only sells spices but educates customers about the history of each spice. The couple discuss some traditional holiday spices -- the nutmeg and allspice of pumpkin pie, for example -- that make Thanksgiving smell so good."  Listen

Thanksgiving Would Be Nothing Without Spices, NPR All Things Considered, November 18 2007.  "Think your Thanksgiving is as American as pumpkin pie? Not so fast. Food historian Jack Turner explains to Andrea Seabrook how plants like cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg made their way around the world onto our dinner plates.  Jack Turner is the author of Spice: The History of a Temptation."  Listen to this NPR story by Andrea Seabrook.

Thanksgiving Vegetable Dishes 

Vegetables with Flair for the Thanksgiving Plate, NPR All Things Considered, November 21, 2007.  "Move over, turkey. For some Americans, Thanksgiving is all about the green or orange or red dishes on the table.  For vegetable inspiration, there's no one better to turn to than the self-proclaimed "Leaf Geek," Mollie Katzen. Her vegetarian bible, The Moosewood Cookbook, just turned 30.  Katzen's latest cookbook, The Vegetable Dishes I Can't Live Without, speaks for itself. …Katzen relies on "just a few, very simple and accessible touches," such as any kind of roasted nut oil, touches of fruit, nuts and herbs, and different uses of garlic. 'These recipes are really my attempt to attract as many people as I can to having a lot of vegetables on their plate and to really enjoy that.' From her kitchen in Northern California, Katzen shares a step-by-step cooking lesson on an easy way to prepare rainbow chard."  Listen to this NPR story by Melissa Block.  

Making Those Thanksgiving Green Beans Exciting, NPR All Things Considered, November 24, 2008.  “Mollie Katzen, author of The Vegetable Dishes I Can't Live Without, demonstrates from her kitchen in Berkeley, Calif., how to bring searing drama to Thanksgiving vegetables this year.  She demonstrates how to make her dramatically seared green beans because "for a lot of people, it's not Thanksgiving without the green beans." Katzen heats peanut oil on the stove top and drops the green beans in when the pan is really hot to seal the green beans' juices. She turns them with what she calls her favorite utensil — tongs that are spring-loaded — and adds salt, garlic and red pepper flakes.”  Green Beans Almondine. Check out Mollie’s recipes for...

•   Seared Green Beans
•   Best Ever Green Beans Amandine

Listen to this NPR story by Melissa Block.

Alternatives to Turkey | Turkey Alternatives 

Recipes: Alternatives to Turkey on Thanksgiving, NPR All Things Considered, November 22, 2004.  “NPR's Melissa Block talks with Mark Bittman, author of How to Cook Everything and the New York Times food column "The Minimalist," about alternatives to the traditional Thanksgiving turkey dinner. His suggestions range from leg of lamb to salmon.”  Alternatives to turkey.  Discover his recipes for: 

•   Basic Roast Leg of Lamb,
•   Salmon Roasted with Butter and Herbs,
•   Roast Capon,
•   Crisp Pan-Fried Noodle Cake and
•   Corn Flan

Listen to this NPR story by Melissa Block

Turkey Stuffings

Words of Appreciation to the Inventor of Stove Top Stuffing, NPR Morning Edition, November 23, 2005.  "[For] those of us without the time or energy to make oyster stuffing this Thanksgiving, there is an alternative. It only takes five minutes to prepare and you can make it right on your own stove or in your microwave, as you might imagine from the name Stove Top Stuffing. . .

[Its lead inventor] Ruth Siems was said to be instrumental at arriving at the precise crumb dimension to get the right texture for the stuffing. And for that, her name was listed first on the patent for Stove Top taken out in 1975. This Thanksgiving, the buyers of 60 million boxes of Stove Top can thank Ruth Siems, who died [in November 2005] at home in Newburgh, Indiana."  Listen to this NPR story by Steve Inskeep.  Peruse the latest in Thanksgiving stuffing mix and Thanksgiving stuffing recipes.

Oyster Stuffing Recipe 

Oysters, a Thanksgiving Tradition Across the Miles, NPR Weekend Edition, November 21, 2004.  “Thanksgiving is a time for family traditions, and essayist Bonny Wolf has a personal favorite: eating raw oysters. What makes that unusual, she says, is that she grew up ‘a thousand miles from the ocean, way back in the days before shipping fresh seafood cross country was routine.’”  Try Bonnie’s recipe for Oyster StuffingListen to this NPR story by Bonny Wolf.

Gluten Free Thanksgiving Dinner Recipes

A Gluten-Free Thanksgiving, NPR Kitchen Window, November 18, 2009.  "Because Thanksgiving dinner is traditionally laden with flour-heavy foods, this meal in particular can be tough for those new to a gluten-free lifestyle or folks cooking for gluten-sensitive guests. Take heart, though. There is now a wealth of resources to guide us through this culinary minefield."  Follow literary "gastronaut" Stephanie Stiavetti on Twitter and check out these gluten-free Thanksgiving recipes provided by Stephanie:

•   Gluten-Free Jalapeno Cornbread,
•   Gluten-Free Stuffing With Autumn Fruit,
•   Gluten-Free Butternut Squash Pie, and
•   Gluten-Free Flour Mix.

NPR Cranberry Recipes

Go Pink: Stamberg and Gourmet Magazine Editor Ruth Reichl Make Cranberry Relish, NPR Morning Edition, November 20, 2009. “In an NPR tradition, the Friday before Thanksgiving is the time for Susan Stamberg to share her mother-in-law's weird-sounding — but delicious — recipe for cranberry relish. This year, she's found a real fan: food writer and editor Ruth Reichl.  The pair looked over some of the ingredients: sour cream, sugar and horseradish — preferably red horseradish.”  Listen to this NPR story by Susan Stamberg.

Thanksgiving Treat: Special Cranberry Relish Recipe,
NPR Morning Edition, November 21, 2008.  "Every year as Thanksgiving approaches, friends ask NPR's Susan Stamberg for her mother-in-law's recipe for cranberry relish. The side dish combines the sweet tartness of cranberries with soothing sour cream — and gets a kick from a little horseradish.  …As Susan Stamberg has noted, her mother-in-law got the recipe from a 1959 New York Times clipping of Craig Claiborne's recipe for cranberry relish. In 1993, Claiborne told Stamberg: 'Susan, I am simply delighted. We have gotten more mileage, you and I, out of that recipe than almost anything I've printed.' …[Click here for] the cranberry relish recipe, along with a bonus recipe for another Stamberg favorite: garlicky cranberry chutney."  Listen to this NPR story by Susan Stamberg.  View and read Mama Stamberg's famous Cranberry Relish recipe instructions and photo gallery.

A Cranberry Story, from the Home of the Pilgrims, NPR Morning Edition, November 23, 2006.  "The Ocean Spray cooperative estimates that Americans will eat -- or drink -- more than 80 million pounds of cranberries this week. Scott Horsley sends an audio postcard from a Massachusetts cranberry farm."  Listen to this story by Scott Horsley.

Why Americans Relish Cranberries, NPR Kitchen Window, November 15, 2006.  “America's dinners will get very colorful in the next couple of weeks. Most of us will eat lots of green vegetables and an abundance of orange, from sweet potatoes to pumpkin pie. But the star of the plate will be that Thanksgiving peacock, the cranberry. . . Cranberries are perfect, edible jewels packed with antioxidants and vitamins. They turn any meal into a showstopper.”  Read this story by Betsy Block.  Click through to view Betsy’s selected cranberry recipes:

•   Duck with Cranberries and Wine
•   Nantucket Cranberry Pie
•   Cranberry Nasamp

Best Recipe Pumpkin Pie

Finally: The Ultimate Pumpkin-Sweet Potato Pie.  National Public Radio, November 24, 2008.  Cooking a pie entails risks — and many of them center on the crust. We asked chef Chris Kimball of America's Test Kitchen to share his recipe for the perfect pumpkin pie. Honed by hours in the kitchen, the recipe gives the mild pumpkin two strong allies: sweet potatoes and vodka.  Read this story by Bill Chappell. Watch Chris Kimball use his recipe to create the perfect Thanksgiving pumpkin pie on this NPR slide show.

The Many Faces Of The Great Pumpkin, NPR Kitchen Window, October 22, 2008. Nicole Spiridakis:  “I rarely wear a costume on Halloween, don't have kids and live in an apartment building, which means no trick-or-treaters. Yet each year, I make a batch of pumpkin cupcakes topped with a swirl of dark chocolate ganache. I just can't help myself, and my co-workers don't seem to mind.  I just love pumpkins — everything about them. I love pumpkin seeds in salads and in bread. I love pumpkins pureed and baked into cakes. And I love how they gently ease me out of summer and into what comes next.”  Check out Nicole’s pumpkin recipes:

•   Pumpkin Soup With Pepita (Pumpkin Seed) Pesto,
•   Baked Pumpkin With White Beans,
•   Pumpkin Souffle and
•   Pumpkin Bread.

Listen to this NPR interview of Nicole Spiridakis by Bonny Wolf.

Pies for Thanksgiving    

Pass The Dessert: America's Thanksgiving Recipes [featuring old-fashioned Mincemeat Pie], NPR Morning Edition, November 24, 2009.  “For many of us, Thanksgiving evokes memories of turkey and cranberry dressing. But a culinary review of the "other" American holiday finds that a rich variety of desserts have shared the table with sweet potatoes and stuffing. Chris Kimball of America's Test Kitchen talks with NPR's Renee Montagne about Thanksgiving favorites from days gone by -- and how to make them.”  Listen to Chris and Renee savor the taste of winning Mincemeat Pie prepared from a 19th century mincemeat pie recipe, Nesselrode Pudding and Skillet Apple Pie.

Beneath the Crust of 'Humble Pie’, NPR All Things Considered, November 22, 2005.  “When she was growing up, writer Anne Dimock was rarely far from a pie. There were four apple trees in the backyard and her grandmother baked 100 pies every year. But sadly, Dimock says, pies are just a childhood memory for most people, disappearing from our daily lives.  ‘I think pie's got a very deep and profound meaning in a lot of people's lives," she says. The memory of pie "really evokes a powerful connection for them. I think it speaks to our longing for family, for some closeness and togetherness and perhaps innocence.’  Dimock's new book is called Humble Pie: Musings on What Lies Beneath the Crust. Among its recipes is one for Thanksgiving pie. But the formula doesn't include the traditional ingredients of pumpkins or sweet potatoes. Instead, she uses apples and cranberries (it is Thanksgiving, after all), topped with walnuts.”  Listen to this NPR story by Michele Norris

Leftover Thanksgiving Recipes

Leftover Turkey: Bright Ideas From Pro Cooks, NPR All Things Considered, November 28, 2008.  “Michele Norris speaks with three celebrity chefs, Rachael Ray, Gerry Garvin and Charlie Trotter about what to do with all those Thanksgiving leftovers.”  Listen to this NPR story by Michele Norris

Thanksgiving Leftovers, NPR Morning Edition, November 29, 2002.  “NPR's Linda Wertheimer consults with some cooking pros and gets recipe ideas for all those Thanksgiving leftovers.”  Tips from chefs Judy Rodgers (Zuni Café in San Francisco), David Waltuck (Chanterelle restaurant in New York City) and Alfred Portale (New York’s Gotham Bar and Grill) (Warm turkey salad with currants and pine nuts, turkey hash with wild mushrooms, soupy savory bread casserole. Listen.

Creative Turkey Leftovers
, NPR All Things Considered, November 28, 2003.  “What to do with a refrigerator full of cold leftovers from your Thanksgiving feast? NPR's Michele Norris checks in with three chefs for their distinctive solutions to this perennial dilemma."  Tips from chefs Stephen DeMarco (head chef of Asia De Cuba in Manhattan), Ming Tsai (chef, TV host, author and owner of the Blue Ginger restaurant in Wellesley, Massachusetts) and Leah Chase (chef and owner of the Dooky Chase restaurant in New Orleans).  Chefs share their secrets for using Thanksgiving leftovers to make turkey hash, turkey pizza, turkey rice soups, turkey fried rice, turkey stews, turkey bacon cheese sandwiches and turkey gumbo.  Listen to this NPR story by Michele Norris.

The Naked Chef Tackles Turkey
, NPR Weekend Edition, November 23, 2008. “‘I think it would be wrong to say to America: Have a really drab or boring Christmas or Thanksgiving meal. Instead, I would try and be clever and look at the weekly budget and just get that turkey working for you.’ Chef Jamie Oliver offers frugal holiday meal tips and speaks with host Liane Hansen about his new recipe book, Jamie At Home: Cook Your way to the Good Life.”  Discover more recipes and books by Jamie OliverListen to this NPR story by Liane Hansen.