Recipes for Vegetarian Thanksgiving Dinners


Vegetarian Dishes for Thanksgiving

A Vegetarian Thanksgiving, NPR Kitchen Window, November 19, 2008.  "You may not even miss the turkey. On Thanksgiving, expressing gratitude through a whole baked pumpkin stuffed with chewy barley and hearty root vegetables can be the beginning of a stellar holiday season.  When fall swoops in and the days grow shorter, a plate of sweet, pureed butternut squash with caramelized shallots can help ease the transition. A whole roasted cauliflower, too, can make one almost immune to the chill outside. . . Even if you don't live meatlessly yourself, you'll probably have at least one vegetarian or vegan seated at the table. It's grand to offer your meat-free guests — or yourself — something a bit more substantial than a cobbled-together plate of all the traditional vegetable side dishes. Doing so needn't be intimidating or even time-consuming."  Recipes for vegetarian Thanksgiving dinners.  Discover Nicole Spiridakis' vegetarian recipes for:

•   Mushroom And Spinach Galette,
•   Baked Pumpkin With Root Vegetable Stew,
•   Stuffed Acorn Squash and
•   Vegetarian Gravy.

Listen to this NPR interview with Nicole Spiridakis

Chef Cooks Up Soulful Thanksgiving ... Vegan Style, NPR Tell Me More, November 25, 2009.  “The turkey is the unofficial symbol of Thanksgiving, but don't tell that to eco-chef Bryant Terry. He's the author of The Vegan Soul Kitchen. Terry shares tried and true holiday recipes with a vegetarian twist.”  Thanksgiving vegan recipes. Vegan Thanksgiving dishes.  Vegan Thanksgiving menu.  Listen to this NPR story by Jennifer Ludden and Jack Zahora.

Meat Free with Carnivorous Relatives on Thanksgiving, NPR News and Notes, November 23, 2006.  "Commentator and vegetarian John McCann describes the trials of avoiding meat on Thanksgiving with his heckling relatives. McCann is a columnist for The Herald-Sun in Durham, N.C."  Listen to this NPR story by Farai Chideya.

Vegetarian Times Complete Thanksgiving Cookbook. "From Harvest Vegetable Pie to Succotash-Stuffed Butternut Squash, vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike will love these fresh ideas for a truly satisfying, bountiful, vegetarian Thanksgiving meal. Easy to use, the book is organized from soup-to-nuts, including appetizers, salads, soups and gravies, entrees, side dishes, desserts, breads, and even fresh ideas for beverages. With sumptuous appetizers like Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms, hearty entrees like Herb and Walnut Ravioli and Vegetarian Tourtiere, Baked Stuffed Onions for the side, and a Vegan Pumpkin Pie for dessert, this book will have vegetarians looking forward to the holiday they've been left out of in the past."  Learn more about this vegeterian recipe book.

Vegetarian Celebrations: Festive Menus for Holidays & Other Special Occasions by Nava Atlas.  "[Here] are menus that will appeal not only to vegetarians but to people on low-cholesterol diets, the lactose intolerant, and vegans - those vegetarians who eat no eggs or dairy products. Meals for major holidays and other festive occasions include a Southwestern brunch for New Year's Day, a vegan Valentine, a Pennsylvania Dutch Easter lunch, an Eastern European Rosh Hashanah, Irish classics for St. Patrick's Day, a Memorial Day picnic, an Independence Day barbecue, a Sephardic Seder for Passover, a family Thanksgiving, and an American Country Christmas."

The Almost No-Fat Holiday Cookbook: Festive Vegetarian Recipes by Bryanna Clark Grogan.  "From New Year's to Kwanzaa, celebrate the holidays that make up our cultural fabric, without losing your waistline in the process. Includes a special chapter on holiday baking."

Thanksgiving Vegetable Dishes 

Vegetables with Flair for the Thanksgiving Plate, NPR All Things Considered, November 21, 2007.  "Move over, turkey. For some Americans, Thanksgiving is all about the green or orange or red dishes on the table.  For vegetable inspiration, there's no one better to turn to than the self-proclaimed "Leaf Geek," Mollie Katzen. Her vegetarian bible, The Moosewood Cookbook, just turned 30.  Katzen's latest cookbook, The Vegetable Dishes I Can't Live Without, speaks for itself. …Katzen relies on "just a few, very simple and accessible touches," such as any kind of roasted nut oil, touches of fruit, nuts and herbs, and different uses of garlic. 'These recipes are really my attempt to attract as many people as I can to having a lot of vegetables on their plate and to really enjoy that.' From her kitchen in Northern California, Katzen shares a step-by-step cooking lesson on an easy way to prepare rainbow chard."  Listen to this NPR story by Melissa Block.  

Making Those Thanksgiving Green Beans Exciting, NPR All Things Considered, November 24, 2008.  "Mollie Katzen, author of The Vegetable Dishes I Can't Live Without, demonstrates from her kitchen in Berkeley, Calif., how to bring searing drama to Thanksgiving vegetables this year.  She demonstrates how to make her dramatically seared green beans because 'for a lot of people, it's not Thanksgiving without the green beans.'  Katzen heats peanut oil on the stove top and drops the green beans in when the pan is really hot to seal the green beans' juices. She turns them with what she calls her favorite utensil — tongs that are spring-loaded — and adds salt, garlic and red pepper flakes.  'This dish is great fresh out of the pan, but it's also really good at room temperature,' Katzen says. 'And I think the more options we have for food that doesn't need to be piping hot direct from the stove, the more relaxed the host can be."  Listen to this NPR story by Melissa Block

Best Recipe Pumpkin Pie

Finally: The Ultimate Pumpkin-Sweet Potato Pie.  National Public Radio, November 24, 2008.  Cooking a pie entails risks — and many of them center on the crust. We asked chef Chris Kimball of America's Test Kitchen to share his recipe for the perfect pumpkin pie. Honed by hours in the kitchen, the recipe gives the mild pumpkin two strong allies: sweet potatoes and vodka.  Read this story by Bill Chappell

Recipes Cranberries

Thanksgiving Treat: Special Cranberry Relish Recipe, NPR Morning Edition, November 21, 2008.  "Every year as Thanksgiving approaches, friends ask NPR's Susan Stamberg for her mother-in-law's recipe for cranberry relish. The side dish combines the sweet tartness of cranberries with soothing sour cream — and gets a kick from a little horseradish.  …As Susan Stamberg has noted, her mother-in-law got the recipe from a 1959 New York Times clipping of Craig Claiborne's recipe for cranberry relish. In 1993, Claiborne told Stamberg: 'Susan, I am simply delighted. We have gotten more mileage, you and I, out of that recipe than almost anything I've printed.' …[Click here for] the cranberry relish recipe, along with a bonus recipe for another Stamberg favorite: garlicky cranberry chutney."  Listen to this NPR story by Susan Stamberg.  View and read Mama Stamberg's famous Cranberry Relish recipe instructions and photo gallery.

22 Best Fresh Cranberry Recipes by Janet Taylor.

Celebrating Cranberries: A Collection Of Cranberry Recipes
by Fern Walker.

Cape Cod's Famous Cranberry Recipes.

Very Cranberry by Jennifer Trainer Thompson. "Mention cranberries and most people think of holiday feasts and the glistening, garnet-colored sauce served (often jiggling) among the many traditional culinary trimmings. But cranberries are such a delectable, versatile ingredient; they shouldn’t be relegated to the fall harvest. Cranberries can create a startling counterpoint to other flavors, such as in Braised Lamb Shanks with Sweet Garlic and Cranberry Jus; or take center stage, such as in Cranberry-Pear Crumble; or make terrific gifts, such as Cranberry-Blueberry Jam. In VERY CRANBERRY, you’ll find 40-plus recipes using fresh as well as dried cranberries to inspire year-round enjoyment of this phenomenal fruit." 

Cranberry Salad.  “When it's time to prepare the Thanksgiving Day feast, Rhonda Byma of [Zeeland, Michigan] always makes cranberry salad.  ‘It's one of those special memory dishes,’ she said.  Her mom, Donna Jacobsma, always made the fruit-filled dish for the holiday meal when Rhonda was growing up.  Part of the salad has to be prepared the night before. Chopped cranberries, miniature marshmallows and sugar are mixed together and left on the kitchen counter overnight. In the morning, whipped topping, crushed pineapple and walnuts are stirred in.  The marshmallows add a touch of sweet to the tart cranberries and pineapple. It's a delicious, colorful side dish to the meat-and-potatoes dinner.” Cranberry salad recipes.  (Janet Meana, The Grand Rapids Press, “Thanksgiving memories - Multi-tasking mom uses recipes from her childhood for special holiday meal,” The Grand Rapids Press, Grand Rapids, Michigan, November 25, 2002, p. L4)


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Thanksgiving Spice

The Spices That Make Thanksgiving Smell So Good, NPR All Things Considered, November 27, 2003.  "NPR's Michele Norris has a Thanksgiving chat with Tom and Patty Erd, the owners of Spice House, a Chicago-area specialty store that not only sells spices but educates customers about the history of each spice. The couple discuss some traditional holiday spices -- the nutmeg and allspice of pumpkin pie, for example -- that make Thanksgiving smell so good."  Listen

Thanksgiving Would Be Nothing Without Spices, NPR All Things Considered, November 18 2007.  "Think your Thanksgiving is as American as pumpkin pie? Not so fast. Food historian Jack Turner explains to Andrea Seabrook how plants like cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg made their way around the world onto our dinner plates.  Jack Turner is the author of Spice: The History of a Temptation."  Listen to this NPR story by Andrea Seabrook.